minister [n1] person in charge of church abbot, archbishop, archdeacon, bishop, chaplain, clergy, clergyperson, cleric, clerical, clerk, confessor, curate, deacon, dean, diocesan, divine, ecclesiastic, lecturer, missionary, monk, parson, pastor, preacher, prelate, priest, pulpiteer, rector, reverend, shepherd, vicar; concept 361 minister [n2] person high in government administrator, agent, aide, ambassador, assistant, cabinet member, consul, delegate, diplomat, envoy, executive, legate, liaison, lieutenant, officeholder, official, plenipotentiary, premier, prime minister, secretary; concept 354 minister [v] help, serve accommodate, administer, aid, answer, attend, be solicitous of, cater to, cure, doctor, do for, foster, heal, nurse, pander, pander to, remedy, succor, take care of, tend, treat, wait on, watch over; concept 110 —Ant. hurt, injure

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